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Available either complete or as separate parts.


Fullwood Shell Ends

020149  Shell End (25mm Orifice) 

020161  Universal Shell End  

020158  SL Shell End 

007651  'O' Ring


Duovac Indicator

Complete second hand but as new condition. Bellows and Diaphragms also available


Internal Jetter Plug

24.5 X 29.5mm  

24.5 x 28.5mm


Jetter Distributor, Plastic, Without Vent

6.9 x 12.5   

12.9 x 14.9  


ACR Carbine Hooks / Plastic

Available in various sizes in steel.


Pinch Clamp - vacuum controlled

Fullwood 035515  New and Re Conditioned available.


ACR Cord

Available for various types of claw.


Fullwood Stainless Steel Shells

New and Second Hand available.


Short Air Tubes

Available in various sizes and types.

Pulse Block

Available in 4mm x 100m to 8mm x 100m.

Fullwood Reversing Relay Mk 2 051105

New and Re Conditioned available.

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