We are Scottish agents for the award-winning Comfort Slat Mat®  


The Comfort Slat Mat is an innovative award-winning product which improves animal cleanliness, health and welfare by reducing lameness and increasing weight gain.

Trials have proven that the Comfort Slat Mat achieves a significant reduction in lameness of animals through its unique cored centre and soft dynamic interior. 

The Comfort Slat Mat also ensures that animals are kept dry due to its curved floor interface which allows for the speedy removal of animal waste to the slurry tank below, thus achieving up to 40% reduction in the ammonia emissions in comparison with non-matted areas.

The Comfort Slat Mat is custom designed to suit each individual farm. David Birch Milking Equipment and Farm Supplies of Dumfries are Scottish agents and supply and install Comfort Slat Mats throughout Scotland.

The mat's main features include:

  • reduces lameness
  • increases weight gain
  • dryer, cleaner floor
  • dryer, cleaner animal
  • unique fixing system
  • curved to flat floor.

Comfort Slat Mats are manufactured using toxin-free and 100% recyclable Thermoplastic Elastomeric materials approved for use with foodstuffs.

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