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Shovels, Grain Shovels & Manure Forks

ABS Grain Shovel - General purpose shovel with large 19" x 13" ABS head. Durable plastic with laquered ash shaft.  

4 Prong Tubular Manure Fork - Strong yet lightweight manure fork with a tubular steel shaft.



Available in various sizes

3 gal - 14ltrs

2 gal - 10ltrs

1.25 gal - 5ltrs


Heavy Duty Kickbar (Cow Immobiliser)

Plastic end caps, 7mm springs & 9mm springs also available.

Drum Taps

  • 20/25ltr Tap
  • 200ltr

Rost Off 300ml

High quality rust loosener. Can release badly corroded screws. Leaves protective layer containing anti-corrosion and anti-oxidation additives preventing further rust forming.

FFP2 Valved Moulded Masks

Sold in boxes of 10.


Cable Ties

Various sizes available. Black or Natural in colour.


Stock Marker Aerosol 400ml

Brand marking spray for all stock. Long lasting. Available in Red, Blue & Green.


Gas For Dehorner 110ml

110ml Can

Gas for Udder Hair Remover

340gm Can

Hoof Knives

Aesculap high quality left and right handed available, with redwood handle.


Squeegee Scrapers & Replacement Blades

Various sizes available. Curved or straight. Replacement rubber blades and brackets also available.


Teisen Uddercloth

General purpose woven uddercloth.

Vacuum Pump Oil

Available in 5ltrs and 25ltrs

Torsino PVC Waterhose

Has a built in resistance against "closing", due to a special woven inlay. 4 inlays. NTS (No Torsion System) Trevira Hoechst inlays. Non toxic. Cadmium & barium free. UV resistance. No algae. Available in ... 1/2" 10bar x 25mtrs, 3/4" x 8bar x 25mtrs and 1" x 7bar x 25mtrs.


Fitt PVC Hose

  • 20m
  • 25m

Filter Socks & Sleeves

Various sizes available


Koss Filter Socks

Available in various sizes.

Left and Right Handed Trough


Universal Trough


JS Pump JS-250

  • Submersible Vortex Sewage Pump
  • Discharge 40mm
  • Horse Power  250W  2P  RPM 2800
  • Single Phase  220V / 240V / 50HZ
  • Max Capacity  200L/Min    Max.Head  6.5m
  • Standard Capacity  100L/Min at Head 4.5m 

Stainless Steel Submersible Pump

  • Q750 B54 R with Float 
  • For Dirty water
  • 0.75KW  230V 

Wurth Spray Cans

  • 500ml cans
  • Silicone Spray
  • HSW 100
  • Ultra 2040

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