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Poultry & Parlour foam

Long cling foam. Passes BS 1276 @ 3% For best results apply through a foam lance or high pressure washer. Available in 25ltrs and 200ltrs.

TFR Soap

Traffic Film Remover. Used for vehicles, plant and farm. Available in 25ltrs or 200ltrs.

Super Sticky Foam

Long cling alkaline heavy duty foam. Used for vehicles, plant and farm. Apply through foam lance or high pressure washer. Available in 25ltrs or 200ltrs.

Sprayshield Conc

3:1 concentrate iodine based pre and post milking dip, spray and foam with high levels of emollients to help maintain and improve skin condition. 1.2% Iodine, 20% Glycerine and 4% Lanolin. Available in 25ltrs, 200ltrs and 1000ltrs IBC


Sprayshield Post

Post / Spray. Iodine 5000PPM 11% Emollients. Available in 25 & 200ltrs.


Dual Defence

Pre / Post / Spray / Foam  RTU. Lactic acid and Chlorhexidine and Peppermint oil based skin conditioning. Available in 25ltrs, 200ltrs and 1000ltrs IBC.



Topband Total 

A powerful alkaline powder detergent for circulation cleaning of milking equipment in hot water. Concentrated caustic, chlorinated, non-foaming powder. Designed for CIP and manual cleaning of dairy equipment. Effectively cleans and sanitises all internal surfaces of the milking machine. Usage rate 100g per 40 litres of water.


Cleanline Chlor

Sodium hypochlorite solution for general sanitising of milking equipment. Available in 25ltrs, 200ltrs and 1000ltrs IBC 


Highly concentrated rapid acting cluster cleaner. Non-corrosive solution, formulated for cleaning clusters and milking equipment prior to milking. QAC free but is extremely effective at controlling the spread of mastitis causing bacteria.


Cleanline BT Iodine

Iodine based ice bank tank cleaner for manual or automatic use for the removal and prevention of fat and protein deposits. Easy rinsing with no taint. For use with cold water. A.



All the necessary steps of a complete pre-milking hygiene procedure are realized with Keno™pure : cleaning, sanitizing and softening the teats before milking. Thanks to its fast action (30 seconds contact time only), Keno™pure is easy to include in your milking process. Can be used in different ways: by spraying, with towels or with a foaming dip cup.

Complete pre-treatment with the Pure Foamer: cleans, disinfects and conditions


For cleaning and disinfecting of the milking system. DM CID is formulated to clean and disinfect tubes, (cooling) tanks and all other CIP applications. The presence of sodium hypochlorite provides an excellent disinfecting result. 30kg.



Powder circulation, available in 25kgs.



For removal of calcium and iron deposits. Acid circulation. Acid cleaner for tubes (cooling) tanks. Advised to alternate with Dm Cid. 30kg.


Lanodip Conc

Post / Dip / Spray. 4:1 concentrate. 2.0% iodine, glycerine & lanolin emollients. Available in 25 & 200ltrs.

Liquid Filter Soak

Liquid Filter Cleaner is a concentrated, high performance detergent formulated for the effective cleaning of milk filter elements. Available in 5ltrs.

D- Clean 25ltrs

D Clean is a concentrated dish cleaning product with a strong degreasing effect. Contains skin protecting and softening agents and is the ideal product for a shiny dish!


Eco Hand cleaner 5ltrs

Handcleaner Eco is a cleaning product for a good hand hygiene, ideal for daily use. Soft and pleasant perfume.

Non-return dip cup

The Non return design ensures clean, full strength chemical for cows teats. Contaminated chemical cannot get back to the reservoir bottle.

Twin non-return dip cup

An alternative version of the Non Return Dip Cup designed for ease of application of thicker, barrier type or film forming dips which have a higher viscosity.

Foam Cup

This cup uses a special foaming insert which sits in the dip cup reservoir. It generates foam as the dip cup is squeezed and rises to fill the dip cup chamber with foam.

GP Detergent

  • High strength general purpose detergent for the manual cleaning of milking equipment and utensils
  • Strong detergent for the removal of greasy deposits
  • Suitable for all manual cleaning
  • Easy rinsing and non-tainting

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