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Calf Stomach Tubes

3ltr capacity flexible feeding bag or bottle for the safe and easy administration of fluids and electrolytes to calves.

Hoof Bandages

100mm bandages for hoof's

Calf Milk Bottles

  • 2.5ltr calf drencher with extended tit
  • 4ltr calf feeder with tit

Skin Protection Spray

Best Seller

  • 250ml cans

Hoof Care Gel

For individual application by brush on heels or between claws. A concentrated formulation containing chelated copper and zinc for prolonged activity. No antibiotics. No withdrawal period.

Red Biddy

Specially formulated for application on the udders of dry cows and heifers to help against fly strike during the summer months. Safe for use on teats and udders in the milking parlour. May be massaged into the udder tissue to promote good udder condition. Can also be effectively used for minor cuts and abrasions on all livestock.

Footcare & Sanitising Spray

  • 500ml cans

Footcare and Sanitising Spray 500ml

Suitable for all livestock. Specially formulated for use in all circumstances where similar products would be appropriate. As an aid to maintaining good hoof condition and all other similar topical applications. No withdrawal period is required.

Bovi-Bond Refill Kit

  • Can be bought separately 
  • 10 Hoof Blocks
  • Hoof Block Glue & Mixing Tips

Fly & Wasp Spray

  • 300ml cans
  • 600ml cans

Cotswald Udderwash

Best Seller

  • Cotswald Repair Kit
  • Cotswald Udderwash Gun
  • Coil


Uddermint is a liniment cream containing 35% high quality pure mint oil, blended into a non-greasy quick absorbing udder cream. Particularly useful at calving time, where it helps promote blood circulation and the cow's own self-defence mechanism, thereby soothing and softening swollen udders.

Hoof Tape

25m x 50mm cotton

Fly Sticky Roll & Papers

  • 10m Sticky Roll
  • 5m Sticky Roll
  • 4 Pack Fly Papers

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